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30 Bertrand Ave., Unit C9

Scarborough, ON, CAN.

M1L 2P5


phone:  647.948.9084

store hours:

Wednesday: 11am-4pm

Thursday: 11am - 4pm

Friday: 11am-4pm

Saturday: 11am-4pm

Monday: closed

Tuesday: closed

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#1 Fall Cooking Tip

What goes well with sustainable living, cooking and fall? Soups and stews made in the slow cooker! If you don't already own a slow cooker, here are some excellent reasons to source one. Eco-friendly tip: Check with friends and family before buying one. They may have one sitting unused in a cupboard. Also have a look at Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

#1 The most important reason: slow cookers use 65% less energy than an electric oven. (source: Toronto Hydro)

#2 They are perfect for all your fall favourites- from butternut squash soup and roasts to oatmeal and apple crisp.

#3 They're inexpensive. Really. If you aren't able to find one through our eco-friendly suggestions, check your local sales (via an app like Flipp) to find a good deal. If you use your slow cooker regularly, you'll get your money's worth within a few weeks!

#4 They make life easy. Prep everything the night before; store in the fridge. In the morning, before you head to work, throw everything in the slow cooker and by the time you get home at 6/7 p.m., you have a nutritious meal waiting for you. (TIP: Prep a breakfast slow cooker meal - like oatmeal - the night before and wake up to a deliciously-scented house and breakfast ready to serve the whole fam.)

#5 There are SO many slow cooker recipes available online. So you'll never run out of ideas!