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My Recent Zero Waste Kitchen Upgrades

by Juli

I see every sustainable change I make as an upgrade, and I'm guessing most of us feel the same way. I wanted to share my most recent kitchen upgrades (and yes, I'm obviously so very late to the game for one of these!).

UPGRADE #1: Beeswax Wrap

Why did I wait so long to make this change? To be completely honest, pre-shop days (when I tried my best, but my best was sub-par), we bought a Costco supply of plastic wrap.... which I am still going through (ugh, sorry, Earth). But recently, I was gifted some of the Earthology beeswax wrap we have in the shop (thanks, Mom!). Pre-shop days, I was very skeptical of beeswax wrap (and many other things, like Diva Cup- my experience here). But, I was so wrong to be skeptical... I LOVE it. Beeswax wrap is the best. And you can even use it for non-food things, like SOAP when traveling.

UPGRADE #2: EcoCoconut Scourer

The EcoCoconut scourers are great for a couple reasons: they're 100% biodegradable (made of coconut fibres), and they WORK. I use them in the kitchen, but you can use them in the bathroom or wherever else you need some scrubbing. They won't wreck any of your things- gently scrubs effectively. Get a pack of two here.

UPGRADE #3: Produce Bags

My favourite upgrade of late! I love these bags. I never forget them because I'm so excited to use them (is that dorky?). Seriously though, those plastic produce bags at the grocery store are unnecessary when you have a set of these awesome bags. 5 cotton mesh bags (various sizes) come in a muslin carry bag. Get your set here.