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Natural to Natural: Beauty Product Swaps to Seriously Consider

We all know the story behind shower products containing micro-plastics- thank goodness those are now banned. But, what about when a clean beauty product is actually not the best option either? Just because something is "natural", "green", "pure", etc. doesn't mean it's the best choice. Read on to see what we mean.

INSTEAD OF USING: Coffee Ground Body Scrubs

Who doesn't love the delicious scent of java during an early morning shower? There are many brands still making natural coffee scrubs and countless DIY recipes on Pinterest. Unfortunately, allowing coffee grounds - and other large non-dissolving particles - to go down the drain pipe is a big no-no as they'll stick to oil, etc. and eventually clog up (and Drano can't fix this). They belong in the green bin. Also, evidence that it helps with cellulite is wishy-washy.

USE THIS: Sugar Body Scrubs

Sugar dissolves so it won't clog drains. If your scrub contains oils or butters, just be conscious of how much you're using. Just like in the kitchen, oil down the drain in your bathroom can become a problem. If you loooove oils and use them from head to toe, use sparingly and make sure they get on you and not down the drain. Lines of Elan Brown Sugar Body Scrub smells and feels heavenly! Be Green: It's also available in the refill section of our shop.

INSTEAD OF: Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes

Biodegradable cleansing wipes are a better alternative to traditional ones. But how do you properly dispose of them in Toronto? Waste Wizard doesn't include "biodegradable wipes" in their search results, so even though they're biodegradable, we're not sure what to do with them. And not everyone has access to a TerraCycle box, right? The way we see, if there's an option that's even more eco-friendly (reuse + refill in this case), we go with that one.

USE THIS: Reusable Cotton Rounds w/ Micellar Water or Toner

Reusable, washable (organic) cotton rounds are fantastic because they're a super eco-friendly "wipe" option. The best part? You can easily pack them in your hand or gym bag along with a natural micellar water or toner to refresh on the go. Also excellent for travel! Siima Handmade Cotton Rounds, Robi Luxury Skin Care Face Mist & Gentle Toner, all packed in a cute waterproof Colibri bag. Be Green: The face mist is also available in the refill section of our shop.

INSTEAD OF: Package-Free Products with Fragrance +

There are some package-free beauty options on the market that aren't as green as they could be. It's great to be conscious of packaging waste, but looking at the ingredient list is the next step. Watch out for added fragrance or ingredients that are known irritants.

USE THIS: Package-Free Products with Clean Ingredients

Everyone seems to have a different list of ingredients they choose to avoid. Since it's a personal preference, it's entirely up to the consumer to decide how they choose their body care. At eco+amour, our Product Formulator thoroughly examines ingredient listings for all the products we consider carrying, and we only choose the ones that are clean. So our customers can feel confident shopping our entire store: refill + pre-packaged + package-free.