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30 Bertrand Ave., Unit C9

Scarborough, ON, CAN.

M1L 2P5


phone:  647.948.9084

store hours:

Wednesday: 11am-4pm

Thursday: 11am - 4pm

Friday: 11am-4pm

Saturday: 11am-4pm

Monday: closed

Tuesday: closed

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What is Circular Beauty?

When you're passionate about something, you usually spend lots of time researching that subject. You learn everything you can about it. You live it. So for us, the #zerowaste space, the whole idea of refilling bottles is just naturally a part of our everyday mindset. And sometimes it's easy to forget that others won't know what "product refill" really means. They're not seeking what we offer because the idea of low impact living isn't even on their radar.

eco+amour wants to educate as much as possible- but we're also learning everyday! It's an interesting journey.

Today I came across an article that mentioned 'circular beauty'. I had heard the term 'circular economy', but not 'circular beauty' even though that's exactly what eco+amour is all about. I thought.... "of course!" Our goal is to make it easy for people to make their beauty, self-care and home care routines circular.

  • Bring your used, clean bottles to our shop.

  • Fill your bottles with just what you need of body, beauty, self-care + home care products.

  • Use up the wonderful products that are good for you + the planet.

  • Repeat! Re-use that same bottle indefinitely.

It's a simple concept that we're serious about. We're circular beauty (+ home!) and we're happy to be here!

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