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Scarborough, ON M1L 2P5


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product refill...

Shop a selection of our favourite green beauty brands with no waste! Bring a container to fill, or pick-up one of ours and pay by weight.

In house brand of skin care, bath and body care, plus cleaners and more. All green, and super effective.


Plant powered and packed with nutrients that work synergistically with the skin.


refill the bare home's green cleaning products in-store or conveniently from your own home.

the bare home

Super green, non-toxic and incredibly effective. From hair care to skin care, for the entire family.

lines of elan

Fresh, natural, holistic cosmetics, artisan crafted in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, 

cosmic tree

Luxurious, multi-purpose
face and body care hand crafted in Toronto.

robi skin care

lovefresh is a luxury line of fun and natural beauty products that will keep your skin glowing. 



cosmic tree essentials

We also carry a selection of their colour cosmetics in pre-packaged.


Everyday Home Essentials

graydon skin care

lines of elan


robi luxury skin care

the bare home

raw ingredients

  • Castile Soap $1.75/oz

  • Apricot Shells - ground $0.04/gm

  • Pink Himalayan Salt $0.02/gm

  • Horsetail $0.08/gm

  • Poppy Seeds $0.02/gm

  • Safflower $0.24/gm

  • Pumice Stone - superfine grind $0.02/gm

  • Nettle Leaf $0.10/gm

  • Yucca Root Powder $0.14/gm

  • Candelilla Wax $0.10/gm

  • Beeswax Pellets $0.04/gm

  • Cocoa Butter $0.06/gm

  • Unrefined Shea Butter - organic + fair trade $0.10/gm

  • Epsom Salt $0.02/gm

  • Citric Acid $0.02/gm

  • Soapnuts $0.05/gm

  • Coconut Oil + Washing Powder Laundry Soap $0.02/gm

Are you a natural beauty, self-care or home product brand that offers refill? Or want to suggest a brand?

Let us know via or through social media.

*Please note: prices subject to change. 

buy ONLY what

you need from 

awesome green


For full ingredient listings of all bulk products, click here.